Cross-border benchmarking will enable professional federations and business clusters to draw up a situational analysis of professional and educational practices linked to energy renovation in buildings.

It will also make it possible, through the joint organisation of round tables, to identify demands and the regulatory and technical context within which businesses in the region are evolving.

Cross-border benchmarking will provide:

  • Professionals with cross-border technical guides enabling them to acquire the technical skills necessary to adapt to the cross-border market in the region;
  • Training operators with cross-border trades guides that define the cross-border professional skills to be mastered with a view to creating a new range of cross-border alternance training options.

This study includes:

Analysis, in the cross-border region, of technical and regulatory developments linked to energy renovation through the organisation of joint round tables with professionals in the project area.

Detection of new professional skills not covered by the alternance training available in the project area and identification of a new range of alternance and continuing training options responding to the needs identified that are common to the entire cross-border region. The project aims to determine the skills for four joint training modules and one new cross-border training programme.

Creation and publication of cross-border technical guides for businesses in the project area, including for the cross-border alternance training aspect.

Creation of cross-border trades guides for training operators in the project area, listing the cross-border professional skills to be mastered.